Security-Focused Property Management

Ensuring exceptional management and tailored security for every property.


About Us

At Stealthy Labs, we've evolved from our roots in software and hardware solutions for security and surveillance to a forward-thinking property management company. Our team, boasting over 15 years of rich experience in security technology, seamlessly integrates this expertise into our property management services.

We operate in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America.

We cater to a diverse clientele, including private property owners, real estate developers, and businesses, offering them not just property management solutions but also advanced security system designs. Our unique blend of services ensures that every property we manage is not only well-maintained but also secure and resilient against potential threats.

Believing strongly in the power of knowledge sharing, we continue our tradition of transparency and openness through our insightful blog and our real estate research tools. Here, we delve into the latest trends in property management and security, share our research findings, and offer valuable insights that benefit our clients and the community at large.

At Stealthy Labs, we are more than just a property management firm; we are your partners in ensuring that your real estate investments are managed efficiently and secured with the latest technology.

We Are Experts In

Custom Tracking Software

Property Security

Our team specializes in designing and evaluating bespoke security systems for your real estate properties, ensuring top-tier protection.

Encrypted Communications

Confidential Intermediary Services

Acting as a discreet intermediary, we maintain owner anonymity while providing full-scale tenant support and communication.

Tracking Hardware

Rent Collection & Tenant Management

Efficient rent collection and comprehensive tenant management services for residential properties, ensuring seamless operations and tenant satisfaction.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Advanced video surveillance solutions tailored to your property's needs, enhancing security with cutting-edge technology and strategic placement.

Audio Surveillance

Virtual Office

We provide Virtual Office solutions to establish your local presence in New Jersey, with professional address and communication services.

Property Security

Home Improvement & Maintenance

Expert home improvement and maintenance services, elevating the value and appeal of apartments and homes through professional contractor work.

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