Providing Competitive Intelligence for Software

We enable you to reinvent technology products using Reverse Engineering techniques.

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Why Stealthy Labs ?

Binary Analysis

Binary Analysis

We specialize in reverse engineering and modifying desktop and mobile software, enabling you to create competitive products.



Our industry standard cryptanalysis methodologies help you determine if your system is secure.

Firmware Analysis

Firmware Analysis

Leverage our expertise in reverse engineering firmware so you can build better protected embedded hardware products.

Protocol Reversing

Network Protocols

We perform reverse engineering and duplication of proprietary and legacy network protocols, and enable their usage in your software.

File Formats

Proprietary File Formats

We decipher legacy and proprietary file formats, and re-engineer them to work with your software.

Bitcoin Development

Bitcoin Development

Utilizing Bitcoin software libraries, we analyze and extract information from the blockchain for you.

About Us

Reverse Engineering is an art where one has to recreate the thought process of the original developer to be able to accurately deduce every implementation detail in the product.

We are a team of professional reverse engineering artists with experience in reversing and developing software in varied fields such as aerospace engineering, algorithmic trading, financial data feed handling, cyber security, operating system design and compiler design.

Our team consists of puzzle solvers at heart and is open to any challenges thrown our way.

We firmly believe in the openness of our research. Through our blog we will be showcasing research endeavors in our various fields of interest that may be relevant to present and future customers.

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